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What Are The Daily Maintenance Of Hydraulic Hoses?

Sep. 03, 2020

There are thousands of hydraulic hose failure causes, but the most common failures can be avoided by taking proper precautions. The following Industrial Hose Manufacturers will introduce you to some tips for maintaining hydraulic hoses, and hope it will help you.

1. Fluid compatibility

Incompatible liquids can cause deterioration, swelling and delamination of the internal rubber layer of the hose assembly. In some cases, the internal rubber layer may also be partially damaged. The hose must be compatible with the fluid to be conveyed. Ensure that the fluid is not only compatible with the inner rubber layer, but also with the outer rubber layer, joints and even O-rings.

2. Dry air/stale air

The inner rubber layer of the hose may cause many small cracks due to old or dry air. Sometimes this type of failure is difficult to detect because the hose can still remain flexible, but there are signs of external leakage.

To avoid dry or stale air problems, confirm that the hose grade is suitable for extremely dry air. For these applications, it is best to choose a hose with PKR or EPDM internal rubber material.

3. Minimum bending radius

If the minimum bend radius is not reached, the Hydraulic Rubber Hose assembly may fail relatively quickly. In vacuum or suction applications, if the bending radius is exceeded, the hose may flatten in the bending area. This will hinder or restrict the flow of media. If the bend is too severe, the hose may be kinked. To prevent malfunction of the minimum bend radius hose, the recommended bend radius should be carefully checked.

hydraulic rubber hose

hydraulic rubber hose

4. Wear

Hydraulic hoses are exposed to harsh environments every day, and their effects will eventually appear on the hoses. If inspected irregularly, wear and tear may cause the hose assembly to rupture and leak. Excessive friction between the hose and an external object or even another hose will wear down the coating on the hose and eventually wear the reinforcement. A correctly assembled and installed hose will have a longer service life, thereby reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

The above is the daily maintenance method of hydraulic hose introduced by the Supplier Of Sae Hydraulic Rubber Hose. I hope everyone has to help.

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