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How to Distinguish the Quality of Hydraulic Hoses

Nov. 10, 2020

(1) First check the rubber on the outer layer of the Hydraulic Hose high-pressure pipe. When grasping, use a peeler to remove the rubber. Observe whether the peeled rubber is continuous and the continuous quality is good.

(2) The brightness of the cross section of the hose viewed from the outside. High brightness is the highest level. The gel-like layer of nails has better gel-like elasticity.

(3) Whether the internal steel wire layer and the cross section of the hose are uniform, it is distinguished by the diameter of the steel wire. The steel wire mesh of the hose is evenly distributed without leakage, and the inner steel wire diameter is better.

Metal Hoses

Metal Hoses

(4) Check the uneven wall thickness of the inner rubber layer and the size of the inner hole of the hose. Try to find standard connectors.

(5) Through the pressure test, the national standard requires the test pressure to be twice the working pressure, and the burst pressure is generally 3-4 times the working pressure.

(6) For real Metal Hoses, the hose number is printed on the joints of the hose joints, and a special anti-counterfeiting label of XCMG Group is affixed. Hydraulic hoses are not printed on the market.

(7) Hose with poor quality: uneven wall thickness of the hose; too tight or too loose steel wire braid or too little steel wire layer; large deformation of the hose after compression; poor air tightness of the rubber outer layer will cause Wire corrosion. The rubber inner layer has poor sealing performance, which makes it easy for high-pressure oil to enter the steel wire layer. The adhesion between the rubber layer and the steel wire layer is insufficient. The above conditions will reduce the carrying capacity of the Steam Hose and eventually rupture at the weak part of the tube wall.

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