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Distinguish Hydraulic Hose

Jul. 16, 2020

Counterfeit and inferior spare parts are mostly three-free products. They are generally manufactured by small workshop-type factories. They are simply imitated and refurbished. There is no strict quality management system and safety inspection processes. The procurement of raw materials will not follow environmental protection requirements. Adverse consequences.

1. Damage the life of the whole machine

The use of fake and inferior spare parts can easily cause the failure of other related spare parts, which will affect the life of the whole machine.

2. Maintenance quality is difficult to guarantee

Because there is no strict quality management system, it is difficult to guarantee the quality of cheap fake and shoddy spare parts, which affects the quality of maintenance.

3. Affect the quality of work

The use of fake and inferior spare parts for repairs makes it difficult to restore the whole machine to normal working conditions, which will affect the quality of work.

4. Repeated investment of time and money, increase maintenance costs

Fake and inferior spare parts will cause repeated maintenance of the whole machine, so multiple repairs will lead to a significant increase in maintenance costs.

5. Hidden hidden dangers, causing harm

Don't underestimate the small spare parts that are not expensive. The losses caused by these small spare parts can be huge. For example, counterfeit engine parts may cause the entire engine to be scrapped.

Second, how to distinguish the quality of the Hydraulic Rubber Hose

Hydraulic hose structure:

Hydraulic hose generally consists of four parts: outer rubber layer, steel wire reinforcement layer, middle rubber layer and inner rubber layer.

Inner rubber layer: It is in direct contact with hydraulic oil. It is generally made of black oil-resistant synthetic rubber, which has the function of putting pressure on the conveying medium and protecting the steel wire from erosion.

Reinforcement layer: The bearing capacity of the hose depends on the reinforcement layer. This layer is the skeleton of the hose, which is usually woven or wound with steel wire. Most of the medium and high voltages use steel wire braids as the skeleton.

Outer rubber layer: Generally made of black oil-resistant, corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant synthetic rubber, with a cloth-textured appearance to ensure that the reinforcing layer is not subject to mechanical damage, chemical corrosion, and wet rust.

Third, product characteristics:

1. The hose is made of special synthetic rubber, which has excellent oil resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance.

2. High hose pressure and excellent pulse performance

3. The tube body is tightly combined, soft to use, and little deformed under pressure

4. The hose has excellent resistance to bending and fatigue

How to distinguish the quality of hydraulic hoses

(1) First look at the rubber on the outer layer of the high-pressure tubing. When seizing, use a peeler to remove the rubber. See if the stripped rubber is continuous and continuous is of good quality.

(2) The brightness of the cross section of the hose is seen from the outside. The high brightness is the top grade. The nails for the gelatinous layer are better for its gelatinous elasticity.

(3) Whether the steel wire layer inside is uniform from the cross section of the hose, it is distinguished by the diameter of the steel wire. The hose steel wire mesh is evenly distributed, and the diameter of the inner layer steel wire is better as there is no leakage.

(4) Look at the uneven thickness of the tube wall of the inner rubber layer and the size of the inner hole of the hose. Try to find out with a standard joint.

(5) Passing the pressure test, the national standard requires that the test pressure is twice the working pressure, and the burst pressure is generally 3-4 times the working pressure.

6 (6) Genuine Metal Flexible Hose prints the hose number on the joint of the pipe joint and attaches XCMG's special anti-counterfeiting label. The hydraulic hose is not printed on the market.

(7) Poor quality hoses will appear: uneven wall thickness of the hoses; too tight or loose wire braiding or too few layers of steel wire; the amount of deformation (elongation, shortening or bending deformation) of the hose after compression is large; Poor airtightness of the outer layer of rubber leads to corrosion of the steel wire; poor sealing of the inner layer of rubber allows high pressure oil to easily enter the steel wire layer; insufficient adhesion between the rubber layer and the steel wire layer. The above conditions will reduce the bearing capacity of the hose, and eventually burst in the weak part of the pipe wall.

The above is what the SAE Hydraulic Rubber Hose Supplier shared with you.

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