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How Should The Hydraulic Hose Be Maintained?

Jul. 07, 2020

Standards commonly used in domestic and foreign trade of hydraulic hoses include DIN, SAE, ISO and GB/T standards. Hydraulic Rubber Hose are divided into two categories according to materials: rubber and rubber. According to the production process, the steel wire braided rubber hose, the steel wire wound rubber hose, the wire braided rubber hose and the cloth rubber hose are classified.

Hydraulic hoses are rubber products. In the process of dumping and application of long rivers, it is inevitable that some small operations will cause damage to the hoses. Due to the complex variety and various structures of the hoses, and the different conditions of use, the service life of the hoses is not only determined by the quality. Good or bad, but also decided to use the correct maintenance. Therefore, even if the product has extremely high quality, such as improper use and maintenance, it will seriously affect the quality and longevity of its use, and even cause serious accidents that should not occur, causing damage to property. Today, SAE Hydraulic Rubber Hose suppliers will share some tips on how to maintain hydraulic hoses from both operation and application.

When shipping hydraulic hoses, we must pay special attention to the fact that the hoses of the toothed birds are urgently required to be sorted and shipped in a neat manner. It is necessary to prevent the bending of the pipe body from being overloaded, and at the same time, it is not necessary to pile up any heavy objects on the air pipes; The hydraulic hose is mixed with alkali, acid, oil, organic solvent and explosive materials; the hydraulic hose product should not be straightforward with the goods with sharp edges, and the anti-micro-adhesive rubber can prevent damage. During handling, the climax should not be dragged and pulled. For the extra large products, special equipment or lifting facilities should be used for loading and unloading, and the ultra-high pressure hoses should be protected from accidental damage.

How to maintain hydraulic glue management?

1. Regularly check the hydraulic hoses that have been called for a long time. The aging grade and the destruction of the floating skin, and the degree of destruction of the rumors, are reflected once a week.

2. The external cleaning of the hydraulic hose is done. The daily maintenance of the raw material of the hose is clean and the non-slips are free of corrosive materials on the large surface of the hose.

3. When the hydraulic hose hose is often in contact with the friction surface, the alarm bushing should be used to reduce the friction coefficient, increase the service life, and prevent the aging.

4. The hydraulic hose that has been used should be kicked cleaned when the machine is not used for a long time, and then closed and stored in the medium.

5. When storing the hydraulic hose, do not park the hose outside the window, otherwise it will cause infection and hose aging due to other elements such as general illumination.

6. Hydraulic hoses are not proposed for repair. When Zhumen notices that hidden dangers should be replaced, it will be spared to promote personnel damage and accidents.

The above is the Stainless Steel Flexible Hose wholesaler from the two aspects of shipping and application for the maintenance of hydraulic hose management skills, I hope to help everyone.

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