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Hydraulic Hose Arrangement And Installation Precautions

Jun. 09, 2020

Because many companies do not have a dedicated hydraulic system installation the department, the layout of hydraulic hoses on the site is intricate, and twisting and forced stretching and friction often occur, resulting in greatly shortened hydraulic hose life. The Industrial Hose Manufacturer takes you to understand the correct hose arrangement.

1. The length of the Hydraulic Hose will change under the pressure. The hose must be used with a certain amount of slack to allow shortening or elongation. If the hose line is too loose, it will affect the appearance of the equipment.

2. When the Hydraulic Rubber Hose is bent, the hose should have sufficient length so that its bending radius will not be less than the recommended minimum bending radius. If it is excessively bent, the hose will bend, restrict or hinder the flow of fluid (can not be bent into a dead bend).

In many cases, the correct use of transition joints and hose joints will eliminate transitional bending or bending (such as 90°45° elbows).

SAE 100R3 Hydraulic Rubber Hose

SAE 100R3 Hydraulic Rubber Hose

3. If the hose is twisted during installation, the working pressure will force it to straighten, which will loosen the joint nut and cause oil leakage or oil leakage. The twist will cause the separation of the reinforcement layer and the hose will break at the point of stress.

4. In the case of obvious vibration or deflection, it is allowed to lengthen the hose. The metal pipe joint is of course not flexible, but the correct installation method can prevent excessive stress on the metal parts and avoid bending of the hose.

5. If the hose line is close to the exhaust pipe or other heat sources, a heat-resistant protective cover, fireproof cover or metal baffle should be used for heat insulation. In any case, a bracket and a clamp or pipe clamp should be used to fix the soft Tube to reduce wear.

6. If a 90° transition joint is used, the appearance of this component will be cleaner and easier to inspect and maintain, and the number of hoses used will also, be reduced.

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