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Seven Factors Affecting The Selection of Hydraulic Hose

Dec. 08, 2020

Inner diameter of hose

When choosing a Hydraulic Hose, we must pay attention to the proper inner diameter of the hose. If the inner diameter is too small, it will increase the flow rate of the medium in the pipeline, cause the system to heat up, reduce efficiency, and cause excessive pressure drop, which affects the performance of the entire system. , If the pipe clamp is used for fixing or the hose passes through the partitions, etc., pay attention to the outer diameter of the hose.


①The temperature of the working environment

②The temperature of the medium. If the operating temperature exceeds the technical characteristics of the hose, it may cause the hose to leak. High temperature can easily reduce the service life of the hose. The temperature of the medium and the low temperature will affect the mechanical performance of the hose.


The working pressure of the hose assembly must be equal to or greater than the maximum working pressure of the hydraulic system, and the pulse pressure and peak pressure of the system must be less than the working pressure of the hose assembly. Here we need to distinguish between working pressure, impulse pressure, peak pressure, test pressure, and burst pressure.

Storage environment

Under normal circumstances, the General Hydraulic Rubber Hose assembly needs to be stored in a normal temperature, dry, cool and clean environment, away from ultraviolet rays and radioactive materials; avoid direct sunlight; avoid chemical corrosive materials, etc.

Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Hose


The inner rubber layer, outer rubber layer, pipe joints and sealing ring of the hose must have good compatibility with the contacting medium, and no chemical reaction can occur.

Hose joint form

Common ones are EO seal; 37 degree flared seal; O-ring seal; ED seal and so on.


①Different customers and occasions may need to meet different standards, such as the railway bureau requiring DB-certified hoses, coal mine safety requiring MSHA-certified hoses, etc.

②Some occasions require a minimum bending radius of the hose

③Whether the use environment of the hose needs to be wear-resistant

④Whether the hose needs anti-static, insulation, etc.

Mastering the above seven factors of Rubber Hose assembly selection, you can basically choose hoses and joints that meet your requirements. However, even the best hoses and joints require professional service engineers and special crimping equipment to avoid oil leakage. risks of.

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