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T Silicone Hose

T silicone hose connector features two different inner diameters - the main body and the take-off. This structure makes it an effective transition of different sizes of pipes. It is widely used in pump valve fitments and breather hose connectors. It has been designed to allow the integration of an additional outlet being plumbed into an engine system.

Product Features

1. Polyester or nomex reinforcement offers high temp and pressure than original rubber hose.

2. Resistant to corrosion, low temperature, anti-ozone, oil, etc.

3. Various colors and sizes for choice.

4. High performance ratings with excellent reliability in all conditions.

5. Easy to replace, cut and adapt to your piping needs.

Scope of application

Specification - T silicone hose
Item No.Main Body I.D.Take-off O.D.ThicknessLeg Length
NoteThe thickness, length and color can be customized as your request.

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